What makes our kombucha different

Hand-crafted with simple, pure and organic ingredients from local sources.

A smooth and delicate flavor profile that makes your taste buds jump for joy and a refreshing probiotic boost your gut will thank you for.

Find out what makes Scobi Kombucha unique and why you are going to love it.


It’s local.

We are committed to get all of our ingredients from local suppliers from the Black Hills to keep business local.

We partner with local retailers who share our vision to better the community so you can enjoy a bottle of booch’ with an extra good feeling of having shopped local.


It’s natural and pure.

Our kombucha is raw and never pasteurized and made from organic ingredients.

Our ingredient list is simple and short:

Filtered artesian water from the Black Hills

100% fair trade tea

Organic raw cane sugar

Fresh fruit and herbs, sourced from our local partners

100% probiotic live kombucha cultures

Lots of love

We love to say yes to many things but we say NO to any artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or concentrates.

100 % raw, vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar.


It’s handcrafted.

And by hand-crafted we mean, made from scratch.

Differently from other kombucha companies, we carefully brew our tea from scratch, process our fresh fruit and herbs by hand and brew in small jars.

We believe that good things just need their time.

It’s the real deal.

Our living cultures get the time they need for the entire fermenting process and can chill in our small batch jars before hand-filled in environmentally friendly glass bottles.