Through creative imagination and the bounty of each season, we carefully create new flavor combinations. With our raw-infusion method we are able to create pure and delicious flavor profiles.

Flavor creations:

  • Just The Beginning ~ Raspberry and Mint - A delicious and well-balanced blend of fresh raspberries and mint.

  • Pure Lemon Balm - A light and crisp tea infused with pure lemon balm from our Spearfish partner Cycle Farms

  • North Western Berries - A refreshing regionally inspired blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries complimenting our pure black tea base

  • Better Than Fanta - Mandarin orange with a hint of Black Pepper. Enough said

  • I’m on Fire - Mango-Cayenne Pepper. Deliciously refreshing with the extra metabolism boosting kick

  • Allergy Relief - a soothing creation of organic berries with herbal infusion. We work with a certified herbalist on incorporating medicinal herbs that help with congestion during allergy season

  • Piña Fiesta - like a beach party in a bottle. Refreshing pineapple with a hint of cinnamon

  • Lovender - one of our classics. Simple and pure organic lavender flowers infuse our pure kombucha base and create a delicate, floral flavor profile

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