Scobi Save the Bees Initiative

It’s mid-afternoon, and you’re feeling snacky. Next to you, there is a delicious looking red apple purchased from your local farmers market. The first bite is deliciously sweet and crisp with that slightly tart undertone that is the signature flavor of the apples in your area. You make a mental note to buy more next time you stop by the farmers market.

Moments like this are thanks to our local farmers and the love and care they put into their fields, and it is thanks to their pollinating friends - honey bees. Did you know that one honey bee worker will fly the entire circumference of the earth one and a half times during its lifespan? During this time, the honey bees are playing their critical part in the pollination process by collecting and spreading the pollen from their bodies onto the different flowers they come across on their journeys. 

Now, what if we told you that honey bees are in danger of going extinct? Something like this may not seem like a big deal, but when honey bees are responsible for pollinating over 70 of the 100 crop species that feed 90% of humanity - that puts things a little more into perspective. If honey bees were to go extinct, it would effectively kill off these crops and the animals that feed on them all the way up the food chain.

Love Local. Shop Local. Save the Bees.

Love Local. Shop Local. Save the Bees.

The greatest threat to our honey bee friends is habitat loss due to pollution, pesticides, and climate change. Communities and organizations across the country recognize this threat to the bees and have dedicated the third Saturday of every August as National Honey Bee Day to raise awareness of the important role honey bees play in the environment and how we can help preserve the species. Then, in September, the entire month is dedicated to celebrating the hard work of the honey bees as National Honey Month. 

Remember that delicious apple snack from before? At Scobi Kombucha, we want to make sure there will be plenty of apple snacks in your future, which is why we want to preserve and celebrate our buzzing bees. For National Honey Bee Day and National Honey Month we are introducing a new product - Jun Tea! Like kombucha, jun tea is a probiotic beverage, the main difference between the two being honey. That’s right, we have taken our healthy kombucha and made it even healthier (who would have thought such a thing was possible?!). The base for our Jun Tea is a green tea sweetened with pure honey from our very own local honey producer Sunrise Hives. To give back to our busy bees, we will donate 10% of all Jun Tea sales to save the bees initiatives across the country to help preserve the habitats where honey bees thrive. 

American Beekeeping Federation.

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