Why we love our Black Hills

The Black Hills are filled with many magical sights. In an unexpected part of South Dakota, the Black Hills becomes an amazing sight. 

Some people think of South Dakota as the rugged plains that still hold the old wild west. Or of the presidents faces carved into a mountain.  However, most don’t think about the stunning beauty that is hidden on South Dakota’s western side.

 One can walk randomly in these hills and find something that others rarely find in life. There can be amazing lookouts, beautiful rivers, lush flora, and abandoned mines. The short history of the Black Hills has created a rich culture that fills the surrounding towns with something special.

Therefore, our team at Scobi Kombucha decided to open our local kombucha business right here. As Black Hills natives (at least most of us!), we understand the beauty and specialty that it provides. 

This is why we chose to have all local ingredients. We all want the hills to thrive and to support our community. 

Using the tasteful ingredients that nature provides us guarantees maximum nutrition for our body. Short transportation routes, fruit and herbs grown in local soil and authentic relationships with our partners are additional benefits we truly value.   Upon this, we are helping the local economy which helps us all to thrive.

As a citizen of the wonders of the Black Hills, we love to explore every inch that is hidden throughout. With the vast amount of hidden wonders, it is very difficult to find it all. It takes lots of time and energy. 

Kombucha helps give me the energy needed to find the things that this area hides. The hills are meant to be enjoyed and explored. Eating and drinking the purest of ingredients guarantees the energy needed to continue the journey. I recommend randomly going out and seeing what is offered in the area. This includes the things that might take a little longer to find. 

By Ben Bitterman

Scobi Kombucha