Inspired. Scobi in the News.

“Don’t be afraid of new ideas, be afraid of old ones. They keep you where you are and stop you from growing and moving forward. Concentrate on where you want to go, not on what you fear.” -Tony Robbins

In this blog post we want to share a little bit more about our entrepreneurial journey.

In the midst of this cold and long South Dakota winter we craved sunshine and new inspiration for our startup. And in order to get new inspiration you sometimes have to step out of your comfort zone a.k.a. hometown.

So we decided to take a trip to Southern California!

The region's craft / micro breweries are turning out innovative brews that have been pushing the envelope and sweeping award ceremonies at national and international contests.

During our week in the San Diego area we had the honor to meet several amazing kombucha businesses and their founders. brands included Bootstrap Kombucha, TapShack Kombucha, Blessed Booch, Living Tea and others.

Seeing what’s possible to accomplish, not only motivated and inspired us but also gave us a feeling of community - a community of innovative, amazing entrepreneurs who all make their world a little better by brewing booch!

We were also honored to be interviewed for the BoochNews podcast.

Check out the full interview with Scobi Co-Founders Carissa and Bianca here:

Just a week later, we also got interviewed by KOTA TV: