Re-use your bottle and help the planet. Quick Guide to our re-usable bottle system.

Since officially launching our product to Spearfish and Rapid City shelves, we have received a few questions about how our refill system works. Here is a quick guide to our system and why we have chosen glass.

Step 1: Buy a bottle from one of our various retail locations

You can find our bottles at various locations in the Black Hills area:

Green Oven Bakery, Spearfish

Breadroot Co-op, Rapid City

More locations coming soon!

Step 2: Choose a bottle

We supply 5 gallon kegs to our retailers with new flavors coming out monthly. You never know what delicious flavor you will find when you visit our retail locations. If you want hints as to what you may find, check out our social media where we update our flavor locations each time we deliver. We currently offer 16oz and 32oz glass bottles and growlers.

Step 3: Bring the bottle back and refill it

It’s that simple.  Whenever you find your bottles of Scobi Kombucha empty, you can simply go back to any of our local retailers to fill it up. Our retailers are open with differing hours each week for your convenience. Whether it is 6am or 10pm, you can go get your Scobi fix!

Why We Chose Glass

There are several different reasons why we chose our reusable glass bottles. Glass bottles preserve the contents much longer and most people would agree, it just tastes better. The dark colored glass our bottles are made from protects the probiotic cultures and keeps them alive.

Another advantage of using glass bottles is their reusability. Did you know that Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour?* We did not want to add onto that statistic. At Scobi Kombucha, we are both passionate about changing the health of our community members and also the health of our planet earth.


Scobi Kombucha