Why We Love Local

What is it that makes Scobi Kombucha so special? Well, the answer is rather simple - we love local!

Instead of sourcing our ingredients from large national corporations, we prefer shopping at the farmer’s markets down the road for our fruit and herbs and the speciality tea provider in town for our teas. For getting the word out about our product, we rely on businesses who share our values of honesty, integrity, and friendliness, like the local martial arts gym and hot yoga studio, to name a couple. With such wonderful partnerships, our kombucha is something we are proud to say is crafted for locals by locals.

Our “Brew & Booch” event, early December 2018, was like the cherry on top of the partnering-local goal. We came up with the idea during one of our weekly team meetings while chatting about how good craft beer and kombucha would taste mixed together. The friendly team at Crow Peak Brewery agreed to co-host Spearfish’s first kombucha event.

The event was a huge success with over 100 people stopping by to try some kombucha and craft beer, sometimes mixing the two together. We highly recommend Crow Peak Brewery’s Pile-O-Dirt Porter and our Blueberry-Rosemary Kombucha! The turnout and the good vibes throughout the night were another sign for us that Scobi Kombucha is well on its way in supporting its mission in bringing happiness and growth to the Black Hills area.

In the new year, we are excited to continue working with our current partners and with those we have yet to meet!